From the Shawty Got Skillz Skillsharers:

Help the Shawty Got Skillz Skillsharers Get to the AMC!

Hello Interwebs!

It’s about that time again for the best conference ever! Yes, the Allied Media Conference will be happening June 23-26 in Detroit and we want to be there!

Who are we?
We are the Skillsharers of the 3rd Annual INCITE! Shawty Got Skillz workshop!  We are cis women, trans* and genderqueer people of color making media that directly mingles our personal lives with the political issues we care about. We believe, as Audre Lorde did, that “it is better to speak, knowing we were never meant to survive.” We are all pushing the boundaries of what media is capable of and sharing the lessons of that experience with each other, and would love for you to help us get to Detroit this June to do just that!

Skillsharers include but aren’t limited to:
Shelby Goodwin

who will be presenting topics that range from: Nihilism for Negroes: A Soundtrack, What Up Doe! Detroit Hustle & Resistance, Sex Worker Saftey 2.0, How to Tumbl & Tweet for Social Justice, and so much more!

YOU can help us get there by:

  • Reposting! – Tell folks that we are trying to get to the AMC! Tweet, Tumbl, Facebook, Myspace (I mean, there are still some folks on there) telling folks about what skills we are sharing and ask them to support us getting to the conference! Should you feel so inclined to blog or tumbl about it we can put your post on our site!
  • Pre-Buying our ‘Zine! – We know a lot of folks aren’t going to make it to the AMC and we also know that what we share there is going to be amazing! We will document all the fabulousness of the skills shared with a zine, dropbox folder, and cd that encompasses digital versions of the skills we shared all housed online in a dropbox or via a CD or zine we could mail to you. For just $7 (the price of a fancy cup of coffee) you can live or relive the dream that was this years Skillshare!
  • We need to raise $6 G’s to get all 15 of us to the AMC (a low estimate)! YOU can donate Here! We so appreciate what ever you can give! A reblog and a tweet make us so happy!!!
  • Telling all your friends in Atlanta to come to the 6th Annual Gemini JAM on May 27th – it’s the hottest social event on the queer calendar and you really really want to be there. All proceeds go to Benefit the Shawty Got Skillz CrewDavis Putter Fund and The Mobile Homecoming!!!  Free to get in and a cash bar will be provided:

Calling all ATL Tumblr friends of the Shawty Got Skillz Crew! We are having a Party!!!

Your favorite AMC frequenters and Wonder Twins Moya & Lex are celebrating their birthdays together with fellow Geminis at the 6th Annual Gemini JAM!

May 27th 9pm-until @ the Phillip Rush Center, 1530 Dekalb Ave., Suite A, Atlanta, GA

with Special Guests… the Lost Bois!!!!!

All proceeds go to Benefit the Shawty Got Skillz CrewDavis Putter Fund and The Mobile Homecoming!!!

You want to be in the Building!!

You might want to reblog this, I’m just sayin 🙂

If you can’t make it, please reblog and donate!


Shawty Got Skillz Skillshare Crew

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