INCITE! Anthologies:

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Color of Violence: The Incite Anthology

Color of Violence is now published by Duke University Press and is available for purchase! Originally published in 2006 by South End PressColor of Violence presents the fierce and vital writing of 33 visionary radical feminists of color demanding that we address violence against women of color and trans people of color in all its forms, including interpersonal violence and state violence. In the tradition of This Bridge Called My BackColor of Violence is an urgent, bold, and essential intervention in the war against women of color, their communities, and, ultimately, us all. Read more about Color of Violence.

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded  is now published by Duke University Press and is available for purchaseOriginally published in 2007 by South End Press, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded explores the impact of the non-profit system on revolutionary movement building. Over 25 activists discuss the non-profit industrial complex (NPIC)—a system of relationships between the state, the owning classes, foundations, social service and social justice organizations that results in the surveillance, control, derailment, and everyday management of political movements. Read more about The Revolution Will Not Be Funded.