Urmi Chakrabarti of MataHari: Eye of the Day marching in Chelsea-East Boston- Everett on MayDay with compas from the area

Activists continue to mobilize against SB 1070 in Arizona and for immigration justice in the US, including a film festival, a human rights march, and an organizing summit in Arizona on May 28-30.

We invited women of color, trans people of color, & queer people of color to send in pics of May Day marches, a day when thousands of people engaged in direct action in support of immigration justice.  Thank you to Carol & Urmi from MataHari: Eye of the Day who submitted this fabulous photo of the march in Boston.  Matahari: Eye of the Day is a social justice organization that mobilizes, advocates and creates safe spaces for historically marginalized, immigrants, communities of color and allies, who are survivors of labor exploitation, trafficking, racism, heterosexism, sexual, societal and familial oppression. In solidarity, they offer tools to build a global justice movement, strengthen community leadership and raise voices for social action and transformation to increase freedom, dignity and human rights.

Thank you also to Queer Sol for submitting “Austin Resiste,” a fantastic two part video of the May Day march in Austin, TX.  Queer Sol is a multidisciplinary artist collective founded by Queer People of Color to explore their diverse abilities and share their experiences. Queer Sol seeks to provide a safe space for queer identified people of color and their allies to meet, dialogue, connect, and enact social change through artistic means.

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