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Questioning Transphobia recently posted updates from Andrea Rivera of Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad (OTD) on the post-earthquake situation in Chile. They write:

We are seeing realities that make our souls crunch and we can provide solutions to the immediate problem, that is food, but much more will be needed to help them have a place to live again. I am asking your help for the immediate needs.

We are using our own money for the help we are providing plus some donations, but we have no more money. We need your help urgently. We need money for gas, food, toiletries, bread and to give cash to those we visit so they can buy what they need. The situation is very chaotic. Some of our colleagues have no place to live. We must be able to act and help them.

I ask you as friends: whatever you can deposit in the OTD account will be for help; whatever you can give will be useful. Please let us know by email if you make a deposit and for how much it was so we can organize ourselves and provide you with a receipt in due time, specifying the expenses we will make. If you know of any funder that can help in cases of catastrophes, please let us know so we can apply.

More updates and information about how to support are available here.

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