Organizing Tools & Strategies

Organizing strategies


  • Share your story as a woman of color and trans person of color who has experienced violence from law enforcement. Please contact us for more information.
  • Build coalitions between anti-police brutality/prison, immigrant rights, LGBT, and anti-violence grups to prioritize police brutality against women of color and trans people of color. For an example of coalitional work, visit the Critical Resistance-INCITE! Statement on Gender Violence and The Prison Industrial Complex.
  • Organize with a national network of women of color and trans people of color to connect and strengthen our work on law enforcement violence and community accountability. Please contact us for more information.
  • Document violence by police, immigration officers, customs, drug enforcement agents, and the military against women of color and trans people of color using interviews, video, and other forms of participatory action research (PAR). Learn more about participatory action research.
  • Investigate ideas and tools for organizing community-based responses to violence in our homes and communities, such as domestic violence and sexual violence, so that we do not have to rely on police and prisons to create safety in our communities.
  • Collectively resist violence by law enforcement agents through base-building and direct action.
  • Distribute more detailed 8.5×28.5 anti-police violence brochure/poster in your community to help share the analysis of law enforcement violence against women and trans people of color as a critical intersection of gender violence and state violence. Please contact us if you’d like to order for distribution in your community.
  • Download anti-police violence organizing tool kit that has organizing tools and fact sheets for organizers who want to continue to develop this work. For a printed and CD version, please contact us.
  • Download 4×6 anti-police violence palm card as a pdf file for distribution.

Organizing tools